• Description
    Car license plate recognition (LPR) technology is pivotal in modern traffic management and security. It automates vehicle identification, facilitating efficient toll collection, parking management, and traffic violation monitoring. Beyond traffic, LPR enhances security at checkpoints, borders, and restricted-access areas. Additionally, it assists law enforcement in locating stolen vehicles or tracking suspects. As urbanization surges and infrastructural demands grow, LPR remains an essential tool for streamlining operations and bolstering public safety.

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  • Key Features
    —YOLOV8n detection model
    — Object tracking with Nvidia tracker
    — NGC's license plate detection model (USA car plates)
    — NGC's license plate recognition model (USA car plates)
  • End-To-End Performance
    — 92 FPS on Nvidia A4000
    — 25 FPS on Jetson NX