We collaborate with decision-makers and engineers to deliver cost-effective, efficient computer vision and video analytics solutions.
In the rapidly evolving field of computer vision, the cost factor is pivotal in determining the feasibility and adoption of new technologies. Due to their prohibitive costs, cutting-edge computer vision solutions are often rendered impractical or "born dead". This is particularly true in scenarios where the computational resources or specialized hardware required are costly. High costs not only limit the accessibility of these technologies to a broader market but also stifle innovation by restricting research and development to well-funded entities. This creates a significant barrier to entry, preventing smaller companies and researchers from contributing to the field's advancement.

Optimization in computer vision, therefore, emerges as a game changer. By enhancing the efficiency of algorithms and reducing the need for expensive hardware, it democratizes access to advanced computer vision capabilities. Efficient algorithms can run on affordable hardware, broadening the scope of potential applications and users. This not only makes the technology more accessible but also spurs innovation by allowing a diverse range of players to participate in the development and application of computer vision.

Neural Networks

We help customers to choose, train, modify, validate, and optimize deep neural networks to achieve top-level quality and performance.
  • Model Training

    Our training approach goes beyond the conventional methods that rely on pre-arranged datasets. We incorporate advanced techniques, including human-guided training, the use of synthetic data, enhanced augmentation processes, and strategic heuristics.

    We meticulously craft our training strategy to ensure more efficient models achieve the targeted quality and processing speed.
  • Model Optimization

    We assist our clients in reducing their resource requirements by refining models through quantization, structural pruning, and modifications in model design.

    Our methods extend to the comparative analysis of various models, aiming to identify the most resource-efficient option within a model family or across diverse models.

    Additionally, we specialize in optimizing models for TensorRT, which stands as the premier inference environment for CUDA runtime.

  • Model Validation

    Model validation is an essential phase in the training of neural networks. It guarantees that the model excels with the training data and maintains its performance with new, unexposed data.

    This process entails establishing metrics that are significant from both a data science perspective and in terms of business process requirements, particularly in real-world applications.

    Our approach to validation involves designing experiments that test individual models and entire pipelines.

Computer Vision Pipelines

We help building high-performance computer vision or video analytics pipelines and distributed systems including edge and data center components.
  • Design

    As specialists in the development of computer vision frameworks and custom contracting, we have an extensive knowledge of computer vision architecture and its real-world applications.

    Our expertise encompasses leading-edge tools including DeepStream, TensorRT, OpenCV CUDA, CuPy, and Nvidia hardware platforms. Leveraging this knowledge, we have created Savant, a distinctive framework that embodies the optimal architecture for computer vision applications.

    Our approach is designed to assist our clients in crafting cost-effective solutions, accelerating the development process while minimizing the need for intricate low-level coding.

  • Development

    Whether your preference lies with PyTorch, DeepStream, bare TensorRT, or a solution based on Savant, our team is fully equipped to assist. We specialize in developing pipelines from the ground up or transforming your existing pipelines into more optimized frameworks. Our expertise includes refining models, heuristics, and pipeline code using suitable tools and low-level code in C/C++, Rust, and CUDA kernels.

    Our hardware capabilities encompass the Nvidia Jetson series and data center GPUs. We have dedicated thousands of hours to meticulously crafting and harmonizing code to ensure its optimal performance on these platforms, with a strong emphasis on bug-free operation.
  • Hybrid Architecture

    The evolving landscape of greener computing and worldwide connectivity presents fresh challenges for computer vision and IoT applications.

    From transport solutions to autonomous agents, and from mobile applications to conventional video analytics, businesses now have access to a wide array of hardware. This hardware facilitates the optimization of energy consumption, reliability, and performance by balancing computational tasks between edge devices and data centers.

    A well-conceived hybrid strategy enhances the operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and manageability of contemporary computer vision applications.

Training And Consulting

We empower customers to reduce expenses, mitigate risks, and acquire crucial knowledge in developing computer vision and video analytics.
  • DeepStream
    Savant is intricately built upon DeepStream, positioning us as leading experts in this domain. Our team has dedicated thousands of hours to developing and fine-tuning DeepStream, gaining in-depth knowledge of its nuances, including challenges and limitations that are not commonly addressed in official documentation or Nvidia developer forums.

    This expertise enables us to reduce development costs and significantly mitigate risks for our clients.
  • TensorRT
    Leveraging our expertise in DeepStream, we are constantly utilizing TensorRT in our operations. This extensive experience equips us to guide our clients effectively through the process of adapting their models for TensorRT.

    Our support encompasses a range of applications, including deployment for DeepStream, Triton, Savant, and standard TensorRT, as well as quantization and performance evaluation, ensuring a comprehensive and professional service.
  • Savant Framework
    As the creators of this technology, we assist our clients in thoroughly exploring the framework gaining a deep understanding of its design and architecture. Our expertise is vital in crafting solutions for edge, data center, or hybrid pipelines, especially those that require integration with third-party systems and are designed for and scalable, high-load processing.

    We also provide guidance in developing a strategy and plan for deploying in production environments, whether it involves using Docker Compose, Kubernetes (K8s), or other methods without additional orchestration layers.