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Browse our selection of samples and demos highlighting the capabilities of our computer vision framework. They provide a practical starting point for an understanding of the Savant technology.
Get started at your own pace: samples are organized from introductory to advanced.
Demonstration of how to count objects located in the defined polygonal areas with the PeopleNet detection model and Savant.
Demonstration of how to use the innovative RT-DETR model with Savant
The demo shows the use of PeopleNet and OpenCV CUDA to detect people and their faces and modify the video stream to anonymize persons.
The sample shows how to use the models from Nvidia Zoo to detect and classify cars.
The demo is based on YOLOV8 or PeopleNet, Graphite, Grafana
Road traffic metering by directions with YOLOV8
NGC-based car license plate recognition
YOLOV8-KeyPoint Sample
YOLOV8-Seg Sample
YOLOV5-Face, Custom Age/Gender Model
YOLOV5-Face, AdaFace and HNSWLIB
The demo shows the use of generative neural networks with Savant
The demo shows how to enhance video (x3 upscale) in real-time with a super resolution model
The sample demonstrates how to serve a PyTorch inference and postprocessing code with Savant
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