People detection and Counting With PeopleNet

  • Description
    In bustling urban centers, shopping malls, or event venues, understanding crowd dynamics is more than just a number game—it's about safety, efficiency, and optimization. Area-based person counting isn't just a tech buzzword; it's a solution to real-world challenges.

    Why It Matters:
    Crowd management is pivotal in today's world. Whether it's ensuring a venue doesn't exceed its capacity or analyzing foot traffic for business insights, having an accurate count isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. Manual counts or basic surveillance can be riddled with errors, but with computer vision, we can achieve precision like never before.

    Sample Scenario:
    Picture a concert venue. As excitement builds and crowds pour in, there's more at stake than just the music. The venue's management needs to ensure everyone's safety. With area-based person counting, they can monitor the number of attendees in real time. If the count nears the venue's limit, measures can be taken immediately, like diverting the crowd or pausing entries. This ensures not just a night of great music, but also a safe experience for all.

  • Key Features
    — Body and facial detection with PeopleNet
    — Counting with optimized algorithms
  • End-To-End Performance
    — 116 FPS on Nvidia A4000
    — 30 FPS on Jetson NX